Great writing
shifts your perspective of the world.
  • The New York Times

    “In Spain, the cradle of high-tech cuisine, the chef Homaro Cantu of the Chicago restaurant Moto stunned the conference crowd with a laser…"

    The New York Times
    “Peanut Butter and Lasers and Other All-American Treats"
  • Zester Daily

    “By the time guests arrived, the darkness of rural night had been deferred, revealing a tableau that suggested an offering to the gods—or a scene from Lord of the Flies, take your pick…”

    Zester Daily
    “Chef Francis Mallmann Sets Fire To Food Of Uruguay”
  • Gourmet

    “When I was a teenager growing up in New York City, it wasn’t only boys that made me cry…”

    “State of the Onion”
  • The Wall Street Journal
    "[It is] a fitting homage to a people who have endured civil war, tyranny and now quarantine. When safety and security become a fever dream, what else is there to do but adapt?"
    The Wall Street Journal
    "Achieve Paella Proficiency"
  • Saveur
    “The richest offering appeared during the cocktail reception, when servers handed out plates teeming with freshly sliced jamón ibérico. The first rule of any Spanish event: There will be ham…”
    “Rocas on the Road”
  • Literary Hub
    "History is also shaped by absence and a thousand quiet acts of resistance. By the people who leave, disappear, are forced out, or endure punishment and injustice for having the audacity to speak truth."
    Literary Hub
    "Traveling Through Spain As It Grapples With Its Fascist Past"
  • Food52
    The kitchen was where I first learned to be my parents' daughter, receiving and giving love through the proxy of food. On both sides of our family, food was sustenance, festival, and cariño all at once.
    "Remembering Dad With a Showstopping Paella"
    “Planting a tree is an act of faith, for it requires us to imagine a tomorrow. And protecting our forests is a way of giving thanks to our ancestors who, in one form or another, remain with us still…”
    “This Old Chestnut Fosters Memories of Spain”
  • Zester Daily
    “Ebb and flow is putting it gently; the oyster trade is a saga filled with hope, desperation, and Mother Nature’s merciless logic—from boom to bust to boom again, repeat ad infinitum…”
    Zester Daily
    “Oyster Farmer’s Next Big Thing? ‘Naked Cowboys’”
  • Saveur
    “The result is a thickened, almost opaque golden sauce that softens the pungency of the garlic and the briny tang of the salt cod, producing an elemental fusion all its own…”
    “A Land Apart [Spain’s Basque Region]”
  • Literary Hub
    "As the doctor explained it, my olfactory nerve had likely been damaged when I’d treated my skull like a maraca…”
    Literary Hub
    “The Food Writer Who Lost Her Sense of Smell”
  • Art Business News
    "That give and take is an extension of the work they produce in their studios. It’s what their art offers the rest of us: the ability to learn and see the world with fresh eyes."
    Art Business News
    “Artists Forging a Self-Sustaining Tribe of Peers"

Great writing is powerful.

A clear and compelling story can be transformative—illuminating complex issues, evoking intense emotions, shifting fixed opinions, and even inspiring action. Whether it’s journalism, website copy, an essay, fiction, or marketing collateral, great writing moves hearts and minds.

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