Whetstone Journal: In Asturias, Cider is “Not Just a Beverage in a Bottle”

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April 21, 2022
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July 15, 2020

By Sofia Perez

[Published by Whetstone Journal, March 21, 2022]

The bartender lifts the bright-green bottle high above his head with one hand. Down by his hips, his other hand holds a clear, wide-mouthed glass, tilted at a sharp angle. Although the geometry of the positioning seems counterintuitive, he pours without hesitation, never looking up at the bottle or down at the glass. A steady but thin golden stream of Asturian sidra strikes just inside the rim and slinks to the bottom, like a perfect bank shot nailed from three-point range. The technique is designed to aerate the hard apple cider and create a bit of fizz, but the sparkle is fleeting…

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